Kind to the user, maker and environment

Crafting products from natural and sustainable materials is something we believe deeply in. Charmed by the soothing, unique and playful nature of natural materials, we are constantly conducting playful experiments to find ways to blend it into our lives.

Hello, we are Wanshan & Helen

In 2010, two friends with backgrounds in industrial design, Helen and Wanshan, founded A.M IDEAS in Taipei, Taiwan. We met while working corporate jobs designing electronics and bonded over our shared love for nature and healthy living. 

Collaborative designs

Since its inception as a design studio, we have fostered collaborations with clients dedicated to making a positive impact on society. Our diverse clientele ranges from tech companies to the Taiwan Craft Institute and Design Without Borders. To this day, we continue to operate as a design consultancy.

Origins of A.M IDEAS' Collections

Inspired by how craftsmen in history lived sustainably, in 2014 we launched a range of homewares and personal accessories that blends Taiwanese artisanal traditions with modern techniques and designs. Guided by a playful and curious spirit, our products are born from countless experiments.

Elevating Lifestyles with Nature-Inspired Designs

Resonating across cultures

Having participated in international exhibitions across Europe, Asia, and America, along with receiving press recognition, A.M IDEAS' collections have been embraced by customers in over 20 countries.

A bit more about Wanshan & Helen 

Taipei based Wanshan loves exploring new vegetarian restaurants and dreams of opening fresh juice bars with non-caffeinated beverages. 
Tokyo, Japan based Helen, a Taiwan-born Australian enjoys cappuccinos and podcasts about human nature.

Minimal and playful designs for you and your home.

All products are handmade in considered batches.