Sensory Delights:

The Rush Grass Collection

Expertly handwoven using a 300-year-old Taiwanese artisanal craft, this material is friendly towards users, makers, and the environment.

The history of rush grass weaving in Taiwan

The art of rush grass weaving, first recorded in Taiwan 300 years ago, reached its peak in the 1930s. 

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Weaving process

Rush grass typically grows to a height of about 150 cm (59 inches), yet only 40% of it is suitable for weaving. With bare hands, simple tools and decades of experience, artisans carefully navigate over 12 meticulous steps to weave this charming material.

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handwoven rush grass

Soothing scent and sensation

Rush Grass exudes a soothing natural aroma, reminiscent of Japanese tatami mats. If the scent ever fades, simply expose it to the sun, and like magic, it will reappear.
During the weaving process, artisans skillfully split the rush grass to approximately the width of a grain of rice and meticulously hand weave it, creating a comfortable texture with delightful tiny peaks and valleys.

Product gallery

wovenrush eyeglass pouch
🕶 A cozy haven for your sunglasses
Handwoven rush grass pouch for carrying your sunglass or essential accoutrements 

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handwoven bowtie
▶◀ Glow with natural charm 
Rush Grass Bowtie for people with intellect and confidence

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handwoven pendant light
💡 Modern textured minimalism
Designed to radiate tranquility and serenity for residential and commercial spaces. 

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Why work with Rush Grass?

During our initial visit to the Rush Grass community's weaving studio, we were enchanted by the material and craft, in 3 different ways.Learn more →

Collaboration method

All products are designed by A.M IDEAS. The rush grass we use has been meticulously handwoven by craftsmen in Yuan-Li and then thoughtfully finished and sewn by us (Helen and Wanshan).

How to take care for rush grass?

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  • Prevent mold growth on the grass by keeping it dry and away from moisture.
  • Clean the product using rubbing alcohol or gently brush it with a soft brush.
  • When not in use, ensure it's dry then store in a sealed container or plastic bag 
  • Sunlight exposure will bring back the grass scent.
  • Over time, the natural oils from our hands will darken the grass color, similar to leather.
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