Triply charmed

We can still vividly recall our first visit to the Rush Grass community's weaving studio, it was such a delightful sensorial experience. 

A joy for our senses

Stepping into the space, we were captivated by the natural, relaxing aroma of the grass. Witnessing the artisans' meticulous, intricate works left us beyond impressed. Running our fingertips over the rush grass sheets, we couldn't help but raise our shoulders in delight at the texture of tiny peaks and valleys.

Fine fine weave

Mesmerised, we watched the master weavers effortlessly chat with each other while expertly splitting the grass with sewing needles, achieving a width as fine as a grain of rice. Their decades of experience guided them to gauge the width through their fingertips, not their eyes. 

Funny funny ladies 

Working with the Yuan Li weaving community is an absolute joy. Not only do they produce amazing work, but every visit is filled with laughter. Even their directions to the bus station can make us laugh.

Over 10 years of joyful collaboration

Our Rush grass woven products are expertly crafted by master weavers, each with decades of experience, often learning the art from their mothers at a young age, and most of them are proudly over 60. 
This photo, taken over 10 years ago, around when we began our collaboration with them. :)
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