This photo was provided by Tshioh RushCraft

Growing, harvesting & drying

Rush grass is grown in Yuan Li, around the west coast of Taiwan. It is harvested 3 times a year, however, the best quality of the grass is collected in the second harvest. 
Once the grass transitions from green to brown, it becomes ready for use.

This photo was provided by Tshioh RushCraft

Selecting, sorting and sprucing

Just like people, every blade of grass is unique; no two are exactly alike. Artisans carefully select usable blades, remove any unusable parts, and then group similar widths together.

This photo was provided by Tshioh RushCraft


Softening the tough grass for weaving, artisans expertly pound the grass with a large wooden mallet and rub it on uneven surfaces to achieve the desired softness.

Tools of the trade

Today it is still processed and woven purely by hand using simple tools, just as it has always has been for 300 years.

From delicate splits to graceful blades

Artisans' decades of experience shine during the splitting process. With skilled hands and a sewing needle, they expertly split each blade of grass into twos or threes, enabling them to achieve the intricate weaves they are known for.
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