Artisanal craftsmanship

The intention is to create a dialogue with the bamboo, so it's essential that its voice shines through.

Colours and fibres

We love colours and the bamboo's natural fibres, which is why we apply an eco-friendly wax oil to only one side of the bamboo. We believe that including both colour and fibre creates truly unique pieces.

Custom width

Customising the width of each bamboo piece to complement various designs, we offer users a diverse range of unique looks to match their individual style.

Individually hand sculpted

Each piece is meticulously hand-sculpted. The unique properties of each bamboo, along with the ever-changing moisture and temperature in the air, ensure that no two pieces are alike.

Proprietary technique

We can reveal that we pamper the bamboo with a sauna-like treatment to encourage it to stretch into graceful curves, but beyond that, we must keep the rest a delightful mystery.
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