Enchanted by its untamable resilience

In 2018, our journey with Taiwan's native Guizu began at a bamboo crafting workshop, where we learned from Taiwanese bamboo weaving master Lin Xiu Fong (林秀鳳)  and French contemporary jeweller, Emmanuel Lacoste.
Working with the bamboo proved challenging; we discovered it had a personality of its own, its tenacity demanded us to apply our body weight to shape its thin strips.

Artworks from the workshop

Bamboo of WindsorA handcrafted shirt collar, blending traditional and unconventional techniques. Derived from a Western dress shirt, the piece blends Western styling with Eastern bamboo for a surreal experience.

Bamboo of Windsor 

by Helen
To Hide or to ShineThe piece delves into the concept of hide and seek. When worn, it creates an aura of mystery by concealing the user. Its wildness is infectious, empowering and encouraging wearers to take bold actions and challenge their comfort zones.

To Hide or to Shine 

by Wanshan

Inspired from the workshop

Shifting our mindset, instead of trying to tame the bamboo, we embrace collaborating with it. Through a technique we developed, we engage in a creative dialogue with it.  We guide the bamboo into organic shapes, and it plays an active role in shaping the final outcome. It is constantly surprising and impressing us with its creativity.
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